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We love phone sex here at, and I’m guessing that you do too if you’re interested enough to visit our little blog.

This page is where you’ll get all the gossip, news and stories from the girls behind the phone lines. You can also chat to us by leaving comments on the blogs. We’ll be very happy to hear from all of you.

I’ve been wondering, what guys look for in a good phone sex call, and it seems to vary. I think that public perception of phone sex is way off, people often imagine lavish, complicated fantasy scenarios which we both act out over the phone. Yes – we can do that, and we do, but it’s pretty rare. A usual caller really just wants one of two things, some help wanking and relieving some of that tension, or a flirty chat, which usually leads to the playing anyway. Men love that phone sex is on demand, just a phone call away. No logging in, no registration or credit cards, just dial a number, mid wank if you like, and get some help finishing off. It can be that simple and we all love to get those sorts of calls. There is defiantly something very sexy about an anonymous call from a very horny stranger, hard cock in hand, ready to play with.

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